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Los Yoses & San Pedro/Costa Rica

Introducing Los Yoses & San Pedro

These two side-by-side neighborhoods may lie in close proximity, but their characters are each totally unique. Los Yoses is a charming residential district dotted with modernist structures, historic homes, cozy inns and chilled-out neighborhood eateries. San Pedro, on the other hand, which houses the university district, is more boisterous – brimming with bars, clubs and student activity. Both of these areas provide an enticing (and convenient) alternative to staying in San José.

Los Yoses and San Pedro are centered on a roundabout where Av Central meets the road to Zapote. The traffic circle is punctuated by the Fuente de la Hispanidad (a large fountain), which serves as an area landmark. To the west lies the district of Los Yoses; to the east, you’ll find San Pedro, anchored by a small plaza and the Iglesia de San Pedro. About three blocks to the north of this point is the tree-lined campus of the UCR.

Most streets in Los Yoses and San Pedro are unnamed, and locals rely almost entirely on the landmark method to orient themselves. In Los Yoses, major area landmarks include the Subaru dealership, the old ICE building (El Antiguo ICE), the Spoon restaurant and the Mall San Pedro. In San Pedro, common points of reference include the old Banco Popular building (El Antiguo Banco Popular) and the Iglesia de San Pedro.