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Introducing Northern Caribbean

Running north–south along the country’s waterlogged eastern shore, the Canales de Tortuguero (Tortuguero Canal) serves as the liquid highway that connects Puerto Limón to the lush lowland settlements to the north: Parismina, Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado. This is the wettest region in Costa Rica, a network of rivers and canals that are home to diminutive fishing villages and slick sportfishing camps, raw rainforest and all-inclusive resorts – not to mention plenty of wading birds and sleepy sloths.

Most significantly, the area’s long, wild beaches serve as the protected nesting grounds for three kinds of sea turtles. In fact, more green turtles are born here than anywhere else. Much of the region lies only a 30-minute flight from San José – but it nonetheless can feel like the end of the earth.