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Getting there & around

Transport around the island is slow, just like everywhere else in the Comoros, especially along the remote east coast.


Anjouan is served by both the Comoros’ domestic airlines: Comores Aviation (71 04 82; nts.mutsa@snpt.km; Mutsamudu) and Comores Air Service (71 12 32; Ouani). Flights go from Anjouan to Mayotte (CF50, 000), Moroni (CF30, 000) and Mohéli (CF20, 000) almost every day, but for flights to destinations further afield, you’ll have to connect in Mayotte or Moroni. There are also two flights per week to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (CF170, 000).

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Car & motorcycle


If you’re driving around Anjouan in September, try to avoid the carpets of cloves spread out to dry on the roads! Agence Tourisme Verte (danielmoitane@yahoo.fr; 8am-1pm & 4-9pm) in Mutsamudu’s town square rents cars for about CF20, 000 per day, including driver and fuel. If you hire a guide (some of whom speak English), it costs another CF12, 000 per day.

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The port in Mutsamudu is well served by the region’s sea traffic. To find a boat to your chosen destination, check the chalked-up ship movements on the blackboards propped up at intervals along the seafront. Alternatively, just ask around in the town square or contact Agence Tourisme Verte (RECA Mroni; danielmoitane@yahoo.fr; 8am-1pm & 4-9pm), also in the town square.

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