Termales San Vicente

Lonely Planet review

Set at the head of a steep 200m-wide valley and straddling a cold creek, these newer thermals are 18km east of Santa Rosa de Cabal but feel a world away. There are five thermals pools (37°C) – the water is sold for its reputed medicinal properties – and the spa offers the full range of spa treatment, including mud therapy, algae facials, peels and massage. Numerous thermal springs bubble up from the earth nearby, in one spot emerging to mix with an adjacent creek, allowing you to bathe in a warm stream. There are three natural saunas, built over 80°C to 90°C hot springs below. A 300m-canopy line zips across the narrow valley to a 30m-waterfall you can rappel down. Several muddy trails lead upward to other waterfalls; there’s also a paintball court, and you can rent mountain bikes to explore the valley further. The only TV is in the common room.