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North of Bogotá

Getting there & around

The region is easily reached from Bogotá, in the south. Tunja is the first transit point and is connected to the capital by bus in two and half hours (US$4.50). There are also frequent connections between Medellín and Bucaramanga. Cúcuta is a major entrepôt for travelers coming from Venezuela. The road from Barranquilla to Bucaramanga is in good nick but takes around nine hours and costs US$32; unfortunately there are no flights between the two cities.

Within the region, intercity minivans and buses depart every half-hour, so you never have to wait too long. Each bus company runs its own schedule; at bus stations you may need to inquire at a few windows to find out the next bus to your destination. Buses also service smaller towns, but may run only once or twice a day. Taxis are another option when no bus is available. It's possible to hire a bike or a horse in Villa de Leyva; both are a great way to get around the countryside.