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San Gil

Getting there & away

The bus terminal is 2km west of the town center on the road to Bogotá. Urban buses shuttle regularly between the terminal and the center, or take a taxi (US$1). Passengers also wait for buses on the main road near the tourist information booth. This is fine for going north to Bucaramanga, but for points south you're better off at the station.

Frequent buses travel south to Bogotá (US$15, 7½ hours) and north to Bucaramanga (US$5, 2½ hours). There are also half-hourly minibuses going to Bucaramanga (US$5, 2¼ hours). Buses to Barichara (US$1.25, 40 minutes) leave every 45 minutes from the Cotrasangil bus office (Carrera 10 No 14-82), in the town center.