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Santa Marta , Colombia
Calle 13 n.3-13 CC San Francisco Plaza, Santa Marta, Magdalena
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Santa Marta's tour market mainly revolves around Ciudad Perdida.

In pre-Columbian times, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast was home to various indigenous communities, of which the Tayronas were the dominant and most developed group. The Tayronas are believed to have evolved into a distinctive culture since about the 5th century AD. A millennium later, shortly before the Spaniards came, the Tayronas had developed into an outstanding civilization, based on a complex social and political organization and advanced engineering.

The Tayronas lived on the northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada where they constructed hundreds of settlements, all of a very similar pattern. Due to the rugged topography, a large number of stone terraces supported by high walls had to be built as bases for their thatched wooden houses. The groups of terraces were linked by a network of paths and stairways, all made of stone slabs.

Recent surveys have pinpointed the location of about 300 Tayrona settlements scattered over the slopes, once linked by stone-paved roads. Of all these, the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), discovered in 1975, is the largest and is thought to have been the Tayrona 'capital.'

Tours are organized by Turcol. You can book and pay for the tour through some hotels (eg the Hotel Miramar or Casa Familiar), which will then transfer your application and payment to Turcol.