Lu Xun’s Former Residence

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Shàoxīng , China
Street 393 Lu Xun Zhonglu
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Lonely Planet review

Lu Xun (1881–1936), one of China's most mould-breaking and talented modern writers and author of such seminal works as Diary of a Madman and Medicine, was born in Shàoxīng and lived here until he went abroad to study. He later returned to China, but was forced to hide out in Shànghǎi's French Concession when the Kuomintang decided his books were too dangerous. His tomb is in Shànghǎi.

Sights linked to Lu Xun are clustered along Lu Xun Zhonglu, which these days is more like a carnival street in a permanent state of festivity and tourist mayhem. You can visit Lu Xun's Former Residence; the Lu Xun Memorial Hall (鲁迅纪念馆; Lǔ Xùn Jìniànguǎn), at the same location; and the Lu Xun Ancestral Residence Opposite is the one-room school (Sānwèi Shūwū) the writer attended as a young boy. The captions at the Yellow Rice Wine Museum are all in Chinese. All sights are free but you need to register by showing your passport at the Tourist Centre Ticket Office