Nánxún Old Town

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Nánxún , China
admission Y100 incl entry to sights
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From the bus station, cross the bridge over the Grand Canal and the old town is down the first small canal-side lane on your left. Everything of interest will then be in front of you and to your right. There are large wooden maps around town to keep you on track, but just follow the canals. Sights worth seeking out include the pretty gardens of Little Lotus Villa ( 小莲庄; Xiǎolián Zhuāng), note the fabulous highly decorative carved stone gates; the 100 Room Pavilion ( 百间楼; Bǎijiān Lóu), a Ming dynasty structure; and the Jiaye Library ( 嘉业堂藏书楼; Jiāyètáng Cángshūlóu), which dates from 1920 and is set within a scenic courtyard with a lotus pond. With its blend of European and Chinese architectural motifs, the Zhang Family Compound ( 张氏铭旧宅; Zhāngshìmíng Jiùzhái) is an elaborate old residence once owned by a prosperous silk merchant. Among the historic bridges, look out for Guanghui Bridge ( 广惠侨; Guǎnghuì Qiáo), Tongjin Bridge ( 通津桥; Tōngjīn Qiáo) and Hongji Bridge ( 洪济桥; Hóngjǐ Qiáo).