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Getting there & away




All four bus stations are outside the city centre. The north bus station on Moganshan Lu has buses to Nánjīng (Y120, five hours), Wǔkāng (Y15, 1½ hours) and other points in Jiāngsū. Buses for Qiāndǎo Hú (Y35, four hours) and Huáng Shān (Y60, six hours) leave from the west bus station on Tianmushan Lu.

The east bus station is the most comprehensive, with frequent deluxe buses to Shànghǎi (Y54, 2½ hours), Wūzhèn (Y25; one hour), Shàoxīng (Y22, one hour) and Níngbō (Y42, two hours). Economy buses are cheaper, but slower. Buses to Tiāntái Shān (Y50, six hours) and Hǎiníng (Y24, one hour) also leave from here. The south bus station has buses to Wēnzhōu (Y100, nine hours).


Trains from Hángzhōu’s main train station go south to Xiàmén (Y231, 27 hours) and Wēnzhōu (Y112, eight hours) and east to Shàoxīng (Y19, 45 minutes) and Níngbō (Y44, 2½ hours). Most trains heading north have to go to Shànghǎi, but there’s a direct train to Běijīng (Y341, 16 hours) from Hángzhōu.

Five express trains run between Hángzhōu and Shànghǎi (Y40, two hours) daily, with some trains continuing through to Sūzhōu. Booking sleepers can be difficult at the Hángzhōu train station, especially to Běijīng. Most hotels can do this for you for a Y20 service charge. You can also buy tickets at the train ticket booking office (199 Wulin Lu; 8am-5pm).

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You can get to Sūzhōu by boat up the Grand Canal from Hángzhōu. There’s one boat daily, leaving at 5.30pm. The trip takes about 14 hours. Economy class in a cabin of four people costs Y60 per bed, deluxe cabins for four people are Y88 per bed and two-person cabins cost Y78 to Y130 per bed. Most of the trip is in the dark and you won’t get to see much. Buy tickets at the passenger wharf just north of Huancheng Beilu.

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For flights, Hángzhōu is serviced by Dragon­air (Gǎnglóng Hángkōng Gōngsī; 8506 8388; 5th fl, Radisson Plaza Hotel, 333 Tiyuchang Lu), with regular connections to all major Chinese cities. There are several flights a day to Běijīng (Y1050), Guǎngzhōu (Y960) and Hong Kong (Y1840).

One place to book air tickets is the Hángzhōu Xiaoshan International Airport Ticketing Office (Hángzhōu Xiǎoshān Guójì Jīcháng Shòupiàochù; 8515 4259; 309 Tiyuchang Lu)

Most hotels will also book flights, generally with a Y20 to Y30 service charge.

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