Jìngcí Temple

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Jìngcí Temple information

Hángzhōu , China
Nanshan Lu; 南山路
Opening hours
6am-5.15pm summer, 6.30am-4.45pm winter
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The serene yet monastically active Chan (Zen) Jìngcí Temple was originally built in AD 954 and is now fully restored. The splendid first hall contains the massive, foreboding Heavenly Kings and an elaborate red and gold case encapsulating Milefo (the future Buddha) and Weituo (protector of the Buddhist temples and teachings). The main hall – known as the Great Treasure Hall – contains a vast seated effigy of Sakyamuni (Buddha).

Hunt down the awesome 1000-arm Guanyin (千手观音) in the Guanyin Pavilion, with her huge fan of arms. The temple’s enormous bronze bell is struck 108 times for prosperity on the eve of the Lunar New Year. There's a vegetarian restaurant attached.