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Getting there & away




Xiàguān has several bus stations, which throws some travellers. Luckily, the two main ones are both on the same side of the street, approximately two blocks apart. You might get dropped off at either one. Both have departures throughout the province, so if the long-distance bus station doesn’t have a good departure time for you, wander over to the other one.

For Shangri-la (Y50-60, eight to nine hours, every 20 minutes from 6.20am to 8pm) and local destinations you need to catch your bus from the north bus station, a Y10 taxi ride away. Minibuses to Lijiang also run regularly from outside the long-distance bus staion and will cost Y20 to Y30 depending on the bus and your bargaining skills.

Tickets for nearly all destinations can be booked in Dàlǐ.


Overnight sleeper trains leave Kūnmíng’s main train station at between 10pm and 11.30pm, arriving in Xiàguān between 6am and 8.05am. Hard sleepers are Y95. Returning to Kūnmíng, trains leave Xiàguān at 2.34pm, 9pm, 9.40pm, 10.02pm and 10.20pm.

Bus 1 goes to the train station from the centre of town.

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Xiàguān’s airport is located 15km from the town centre. The Yunnan Airlines ticket office is inconveniently situated near the train station. There are no public buses to the airport; taxis will cost Y50 from Xiàguān or Y80 from Dàlǐ. There are three flights daily to Kūnmíng (Y430) and one to Guǎngzhōu (Y1540).

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