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Getting around by air

Shangri-la Airport

Shangri-la Airport is is 5km from town and is sometimes referred to as Díqìng or Deqen – note that there is currently no airport at Déqīn.

There are five flights daily to Kūnmíng (¥850), one to Chéngdū (¥810), and a daily flight to Lhasa (¥2480) in peak season. Flights for other domestic destinations also leave from the airport but destinations change from week to week. You can enquire about your destination or buy tickets at CAAC. If booking online, you need to type in ‘Diqing’ for the airport name.

Transport Options

A taxi or minivan between the airport and Shangri-la will cost between ¥30 and ¥50. Otherwise, call your hotel to arrange a pick-up.