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Northwest Yúnnán
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Introducing Northwest Yúnnán

Northwest Yunnan is simply a beauty. Sure, like anywhere in China there are others about, but here you might be glad of the company, perhaps to remind you that you haven't entered a dream-world of plunging gorges, misty mountain lakes and remote monasteries. Lìjiāng the centre of the local Naxi minority has a crowded, but fascinating old town made for wandering about in, and nearby the stunning Yùlóng Xuěshān (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain) is a must for walkers, despite the tour groups. And while it's busier than it used to be, Tiger Leaping Gorge is a magnificent trek especially on the high path, where the views down to the Jinsha river are breathtaking. If the gorge doesn't sate your need for otherworldly landscapes, the villages around Lúgū Hú and the town of Zhōngdiàn will give you a taste of Tibet, just over the Hengduan Shan to the north.