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Měnghǎn (Gǎnlǎnbà)/China

Introducing Měnghǎn (Gǎnlǎnbà)

Watching this town come alive in the evening after its long afternoon siesta is reason enough to visit. If you arrive mid-afternoon, Měnghǎn (or Gǎnlǎnbà as it’s sometimes referred to), can seem almost deserted. Shop owners and hotel clerks fall into such deep sleeps, taps and calls barely get a response.

But once it cools down, it’s as if someone flipped a switch on the place. The streets fill up with the smells of cooking, the sounds of gossip and wandering locals trying to escape the indoor heat.

It’s worth coming by bike (or hiring one in Měnghǎn) as there’s plenty of scope for exploration in the neighbourhood.