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Getting around by air

Lìjiāng Airport

Lìjiāng’s airport is 28km east of town. Tickets can be booked at CAAC. Most hotels in the old town also offer an air-ticket booking service.

From Lìjiāng there are 13 daily flights to Kūnmíng (from ¥440), as well as daily flights to:

Běijīng ¥1360

Chéngdū ¥710

Chóngqìng ¥590

Guǎngzhōu ¥970

Shànghǎi ¥1420

Shēnzhèn ¥1020

Xīshuāngbǎnnà ¥440

Transport Options

Buses to the airport (¥25) leave from outside the CAAC office from 6.30am to 10pm.