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Getting there & away




Lìjiāng has three bus stations: one is just north of the old town; the main long-distance bus station is in the south; and an express bus station to Kūnmíng and Xiàguān is in the north of town on Shangrila Dadao.

From the express bus station there are daily departures to Kūnmíng (Y171-193; 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am and 12.30pm). Two sleeper buses also leave daily for Kūnmíng at 8.30pm; one terminates at Kūnmíng’s west station, the other at its south station. Buses also leave for the 160km trip to Xiàguān (Y41 to Y58, 3½ hours, 8am, 11.10am, noon, 2.10pm, 3.50pm and 6.10pm). Daily buses also leave for Shangri-la from here (Y45, five hours, 8.40am and 2.30pm).

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Lìjiāng’s airport is 25km east of town. Tickets can be booked at the CAAC (Zhōngguó Mínháng; 516 1289; cnr Fuhui Lu & Shangrila Dadao; 8.30am-9pm). Most hotels in the old town also offer an air-ticket booking service.

From Lìjiāng there are oodles of daily flights to Kūnmíng (Y660), three flights daily to Chéngdū (Y1010) and Shànghǎi (Y2560) and two flights daily to Shēnzhèn (Y1760) and one daily to Guǎngzhōu (Y1790).

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