Black Dragon Pool Park

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Black Dragon Pool Park information

Lìjiāng , China
Xin Dajie
admission free with ¥80 town entrance ticket
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On the northern edge of town is the Black Dragon Pool Park; its view of Yùlóng Xuěshān is an obligatory photo shoot in southwestern China. The Dōngbā Research Institute is part of a renovated complex on the hillside here. You can see Naxi cultural artefacts and scrolls featuring a unique pictograph script.

Trails lead up Xiàng Shān (Elephant Hill) to a dilapidated gazebo and then across a spiny ridge past a communications centre and back down the other side, making a nice morning hike, but note that there have been reports of solo women travellers being robbed in this area..

The Museum of Naxi Dongba Culture is at the park’s northern entrance and is a decent introduction to traditional Naxi lifestyle and religion, complete with good English captions.

Note that the pool has dried up in recent years and without water some visitors are disappointed with this site; ask at your guesthouse first if the pool has water before deciding whether or not to visit.