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Getting around by air

Kūnmíng Airport

Kūnmíng's airport is located 25km northeast of the city.

It has direct services to/from North America, Europe and Australia. International flights to Asian cities include Bangkok (from ¥621), Hong Kong (from ¥560), Vientiane (from ¥1301), Yangon (from ¥1066) and Kuala Lumpur (from ¥627).

China Eastern Airlines/Civil Aviation Administration of China issues tickets for any Chinese airline but the office only offers discounts on certain flights.

Daily flights from Kūnmíng go to most major cities across China, including Běijīng (from ¥729), Guǎngzhōu (from ¥465) and Shànghǎi (from ¥564). There are regional services to Lhasa in Tibet (¥1960) and within Yúnnán, including Bǎoshān (from ¥538), Lìjiāng (from ¥320), Xiàguān/Dàlǐ (from ¥350).

Transport Options

Airport buses (¥25) run to/from the airport every 30 minutes from nine different locations, the most convenient being the train station, north and west bus stations and the Kūnmíng Hotel. The buses start running from 5am or 6am, depending on the route. The subway will eventually extend to reach the airport.

Ignore the many unofficial taxi touts who will approach you after you exit customs. Always take an official cab. Taxis charge ¥70 to ¥100 into town, depending on traffic and where you are going, and a flat rate of ¥120 going to the airport.