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Kūnmíng , China
Tongdao Jie
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The Flower & Bird Market has long been one of the more enjoyable and relaxing strolls in the city. It's also known as lǎo jiē (old street) and comprises several downtown blocks surrounded by buildings of immense, gleaming modernity and bustle. Flowers and birds most certainly aren't the main draw here anymore, though on weekends the chirping, yawping and cawing can still be heard a block or more away.

Instead, strollers pack this surreal hawkers' ghetto and its mazy neighbourhood walk of stalls chock-full of flora and fauna (well, again, not so much of these anymore, endless curios, knick-knacks, and doo-dahs, the contents of someone's back hall on more than one occasion, some occasionally fine rugs and handmade clothing; and a hell of a lot of weird stuff. (Kurt Cobain or KISS T-shirt? Hmmm.) And you can't help notice that the word 'jewellery' has somehow officially crept into the traditional 'bird and flower' name.