White Bamboo Shoot Pagoda

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White Bamboo Shoot Pagoda information

Dàměnglóng , China
admission ¥10
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Surrounded by jungle (watch out for stray snakes!), this pagoda dates back to 1204 and is Dàměnglóng’s premier attraction. According to legend, the pagoda’s temple was built on the location of a hallowed footprint left behind by the Sakyamuni Buddha, who is said to have visited Xīshuāngbǎnnà. If you have an interest in ancient footprints you can look for it in a niche below one of the nine stupas. The temple has been extensively renovated in recent years.

If you’re in the area in late October or early November, check the precise dates of the Tan Ta Festival. At this time, White Bamboo Shoot Pagoda is host to hundreds of locals whose celebrations include dancing, rockets and fireworks, paper balloons and so on.

The pagoda is easy to get to: just walk back along the main road towards Jǐnghóng for 2km until you reach a small village with a temple on your left. From here there’s a path up the hill, it’s about a 20-minute walk. There’s often no one around to collect the entry fee. A motor-rickshaw from Dàměnglóng is ¥10.