Where to go in March


Planning to go tripping in March? In an extract from the January 2010 issue of Lonely Planet Magazine, we've got the best places to head for - and the best place to avoid!

1. Chile - UPDATE: not with the earthquake.

Chile was our top pick for the month of March, but the earthquake that struck the centre of the country on February 26 changed much of that. Many tourist areas, such as Santiago and the Juan Fernández islands, are temporarily closed down. Check the Thorn Tree discussion on Chile for updates.

2. Borneo

Wild doesn't get wilder than the teeming jungle of Borneo. This island of mountain, river and forest is an adventurer's dream, with climbing, trekking, caving, diving and river-rafting all on offer. The humidity in March is bearable, which makes it the best time to clamber up Mount Kinabalu, probably the easiest of the world's highest peaks to climb.

3. China

At the current rate of depletion, the giant panda many not have long for this world - at least on in the wild. Sichuan's central plains are the bears' natural habitat, and the temperatures in March are the most likely to tempt them out of hiding.

4. Paris

Yep, Paris in the springtime is a city worth loving. For the best views over the city, nip up to the Parc de Bellevue - it rivals anything you'll see from Montmartre.

Avoid - Kenya!

If you are saving up the pennies for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Kenya - the Serengeti Safari! The Maasai Mara! - the chances are you don't want to be sheltering under an umbrella the whole time. So March isn't really the month for you - it's rainy season.