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Introducing Mǎnígāngē (Manigango)

Manigango lies halfway between Gānzī and Dégé and is the jumping-off point for Dzogchen Gompa and Yihun Lhatso. Manigango itself is a dusty one-street town that looks unmistakably like the movie set for a Tibetan Western. It’s a glorious multicoloured scene with Tibetans on horseback, monks in crimson robes on motorbikes and tractors piled precariously high with pilgrims rattling down the road. It’s worth stopping off just for the atmosphere. A horse-racing festival is usually held here in the summer.

The town is known in Chinese as Yùlóng or Mǎnígāngē, but it’s most commonly referred to by its Tibetan name Manigango.