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Monasteries information

There are four main monasteries in Kāngdìng. The central Ānjué Temple (安觉寺; Ānjué Sì; Ngachu Gompa in Tibetan) dates back to 1652 but was largely rebuilt recently.

Nánwú Temple (南无寺; Nánwú Sì) belongs to the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is the most active monastery in the area. Walk south along the main road, cross the river and keep going for about 200m until you see a rusty old sign (in traditional Chinese characters: 南無寺) for the monastery on your right. Follow that track uphill, beside a stream, and the monastery will be on your right.

Nearby, about 100m further along the main road, is Jīngāng Temple (金刚寺; Jīngāng Sì), a 400-year-old Nyingma monastery set around a lawned courtyard. Turn right at the sign for Knapsack Inn.

The area’s fourth monastery, Pǎomǎ Temple is halfway up Pǎomǎ Shān .