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Getting around

Bus & tram


The most useful bus is 16, which runs from Chéngdū‘s north train station to the south train station (nán chēzhàn) along Renmin Nanlu. Regular buses cost Y1, while the double-deckers cost Y2. Bus 81 runs from the Mao statue to Green Ram Temple and bus 12 circles the city along Yihuan Lu, starting and ending at the north train station. Bus 4 runs from the centre of town to Chadianzi bus station and Wuguiqiao bus station.

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Local transport


In 2006 ground was broken (immediately snarling traffic) on the city’s new subway, slated for a 2010 completion. When finished it will be one of the most extensive in China; expect traffic headaches till the day it’s done.


Taxis have a flag fall of Y5 (Y6 at night), plus Y1.4 per kilometre. Motorised rickshaws also scuttle around the city and are cheaper, but slower, than cabs.

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Cycling is a great way to get around Chéngdū although the pollution (and traffic) can be terrible. Guesthouses rent bikes for about Y10 per day. The bikes are in fairly good condition but the usual rules apply: check your bike before you cycle off and make an effort to park it in a designated parking area).

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