Xīnjiāng Hóng Mǔdān Mùsīlín Kuàicān

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Xīnjiāng Hóng Mǔdān Mùsīlín Kuàicān information

Chéngdū , China
cnr Kehua Jie & Guojiaqiao Xijie
dishes Y6-50
Opening hours
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This extremely popular Xīnjiāng restaurant beside Sìchuān University is a great place to sample the Uighur speciality dàpánjī (literally 'big plate chicken') – a massive portion of chicken, potatoes and peppers stewed in a savoury, spicy sauce. Even the 'small' plate (Y30) will serve two or three. When you're part-way through the meal, staff dump a pile of handmade noodles into your dish, perfect for sopping up the sauce. Lamb skewers (羊肉串; yángròu chuàn; Y1) and grilled naan bread (烤馕; kǎo náng; Y4) are good accompaniments. If you're eating solo, the dīngdīng miàn (丁丁面; Y6 to Y8) is a noodle dish worth sampling.