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Money and costs

Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Dorm bed: ¥40–60
  • Double room in a budget hotel/hostel: ¥90–140
  • Noodles or basic rice dish: ¥10–20
  • A handful of metro/bus trips: ¥10
  • Free museums
  • Room in a stylish hostel or midrange hotel: ¥160–300
  • Multidish restaurant meal: ¥40–80
  • Taxis between sightseeing stops: ¥30–50 per trip
  • Sights admission: ¥60–80
  • Two drinks at an upscale bar: ¥60
Top end (more than)
  • Sleeping in a historic courtyard hotel: ¥380–500
  • Cuddling a baby panda: ¥2000
  • Night out at upscale clubs: ¥1000+

ATM's abound throughout the city, and you're never very far from a bank branch either. For travellers, the most useful are:

Agricultural Bank of China The ATMs on Kehua Jie and near the Chūnxī Lù Shopping District.

Bank of China The main Chéngdū branch on Renmin Zhonglu, the ATM inside the metro entrance at the North Train Station and the branch office several blocks to the south.

ICBC The branch office on Hongli Lu near Xīnnánmén Bus Station and the ATM at the North Train Station Ticket Office.