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Wǔtái Shān & Táihuái

Getting there & away

Getting to Wǔtái Shān is easiest from Tàiyuán. Buses (Y44 to Y51, four hours) depart from the east bus station from 8am to 1.30pm; two buses also leave from in front of the train station at around 9.30am. Alternatively, take the scenic route from Dàtóng, which is slightly longer. At present, one train from Běijīng (departure 9.15pm) stops 50km away in the town of Shāhé (), but it arrives at a groggy 3.39am. If you take this option, note when buying tickets that the station is called Wǔtái Shān, not Shāhé. Minibuses onwards from Shāhé (Y20, one hour) are infrequent – you may have to catch a taxi (Y70).

There are plenty of buses from Wǔtái Shān to Tàiyuán (Y50, four hours), leaving between 7am and 4pm. Buses to Dàtóng (Y52, five hours) leave three or four times daily from 6am to 1.30pm. In the off-season, there’s only one bus at 7.30am; it doesn’t run on Sundays. Try cajoling your driver into stopping off at the Hanging Monastery for 30 minutes en route.

Both buses troll the main strip fishing for passengers. The Wǔtái Shān bus ‘station’, some 3km south of the village centre, is generally empty.