Hǎo Gānggāng Yángzá Gēdiàn

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Hǎo Gānggāng Yángzá Gēdiàn information

Tàiyuán , China
cnr Fudong Jie & Liu Xiang, 府东街和柳巷的交叉口
meals Y12
Opening hours
6am-2pm & 6-9pm
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With chefs slaving over a huge vat of lamb soup near the door, this very popular restaurant specialises in tasty lamb snacks. A large bowl of dàwǎn ròu (大碗肉; lamb and noodles with onion; Y11) is filling, especially with a tasty yóusū bǐng (油酥饼; fried crisp bread; Y1). Add chilli and vinegar as you see fit. No English sign. The restaurant is around 500m northwest of Children's Park along Liu Xiang.