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Getting there & away




The Píngyáo bus ‘station’ is really just the train station parking lot; buses depart for Tàiyuán (Y20, 1½ hours) as they fill. There are theoretically five daily buses to Xī’ān (Y150, six hours; via Yùnchéng, Y100, four hours) leaving from Shuncheng Lu from 8.30am to 4pm, but check when you arrive to verify which ones are definitely running.


Most visitors arrive on a day trip from Tài‑yuán, or overnight from Běijīng. There are loads of trains between Tàiyuán and Píngyáo (Y8 to Y22, 1½ to two hours); a good one leaves at 8.35am. From Beijing West there are two trains at 7pm (arrives 5.20am) and 7.43pm (arrives 6.53am); a hard sleeper costs Y140. Although there are also two sleepers back to Běijīng, tickets are extremely limited. You’ll have better luck in Tàiyuán.

From Píngyáo to Xī’ān (Y86, 9½ to 11 hours) can be problematic. Guesthouses can sometimes land sleepers (Y40 commission) but don’t count on it, especially on weekends in summer or holidays. You may need to pay for a TàiyuánXī’ān ticket (Y99).

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