Shíliùpù Fabric Market

Shíliùpù Fabric Market information

Shànghǎi , China
2 Zhonghua Rd; 中华路2号
+86 6330 1043
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Metro: Xiaonanmen
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Having silk shirts, dresses and cashmere coats tailor-made for a song is one of Shànghǎi’s great indulgences. This three-storey building, one of several fabric markets in the city, is conveniently located near the Yùyuán Bazaar. It’s a far cheaper source of silk than many shops, with prices no higher than ¥200 per metre.

There are many types of fabric here in addition to silk, from wool and velvet to synthetic, but the quality of the material varies, so shop around. Most places can fill an order in 24 hours if needed, but it’s best to count on at least three days.