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Yīn information

Shànghǎi , China
59 South Maoming Rd
Jinjiang Hotel Gate No 2
+86 21 5466 5070
Getting there
Underground Rail: South Shaanxi Rd
Opening hours
12:00-14:30 & 18:00-24:00
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A throwback to the 1930s, Yīn emanates soft, jazzy decadence with its hardwood flooring, antique hanging screens, qípáo -clad waitresses and Ella Fitzgerald on the stereo. But they're as much visionaries as they are traditionalists. The kitchen has adopted older cooking techniques - back from the days before MSG - and prepares standout regional dishes from across China, including the superbly named 'squid lost in a sandstorm'. English menu.

Not a place to miss, it's in a lane inside the Jinjiang Hotel compound and behind South Maoming Rd.