Sāngù Niúwā

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Sāngù Niúwā information

Shànghǎi , China
3 Fenyang Rd
+86 21 6466 6155
Getting there
Underground Rail: South Shanxi Rd
frog hotpot Y69
Opening hours
11am-2pm, 5-11pm
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Once you’re ready for a slightly more off-the-beaten-track Chinese meal, it’s time for some frog hotpot. Of course, there are plenty of places in town to sample the famous ‘it tastes just like chicken’ (it doesn’t really), but Sāngù specialises in it. No English? No worries. Almost everyone here orders the same thing: gānguō niúwā ( 干锅牛蛙; Y69), a peppercorn-and-black-bean-smothered medley of tender frog meat, lotus root and vegetable chips. One serving will feed two to three people.