Méilóngzhèn Jiǔjiā

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Méilóngzhèn Jiǔjiā information

Shànghǎi , China
No 22, Lane 1081, West Nanjing Rd; 南京西路1081弄22号
+86 6253 5353
Getting there
Metro: West Nanjing Rd
dishes ¥30-120
Opening hours
11am-2pm & 5-9pm
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This esteemed lǎozihào ('old name') restaurant has been serving delighted diners since the 1930s. The menu mixes Sìchuān and Shanghainese tastes and ranges from the pricey (crab with tofu) to the more reasonable, such as the fish slices with tangerine peel.

The rooms once housed the Shanghai Communist Party headquarters, but are now bedecked in wood carvings, huge palace lamps and photos of foreign dignitaries.