Yang’s Fry Dumplings

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Yang’s Fry Dumplings information

Shànghǎi , China
101 Huanghe Rd, 黄河路101号
Getting there
Metro: People’s Sq
per liǎng ¥6 (两; 4 dumplings)
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The city’s most famous sesame-seed-and-scallion-coated fried dumplings (生煎; shēngjiān ) unquestionably belong to Yang’s. Lines here can stretch to the horizon as eager diners wait for their scalding shēngjiān to be dished out onto vintage communist-era enamel dishes – this isn’t some sort of retro fashion statement, they just never bothered to upgrade the tableware.

Order at the left counter – eight dumplings and a soup (汤; tāng ) should be enough – then join the queue on the right to pick up your order.