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Getting around by air

Jìníng Qūfù Airport

Jìníng Qūfù Airport is 80km southwest of Qūfù's old town and connects to Běijīng (¥600, 1½ hours), Chéngdū (¥1200, two hours), Guǎngzhōu (¥900, 2½ hours), Shànghǎi (¥868, two hours), Xi'an (¥674, 55 minutes) and a handful of other cities.

Transport Options

There are no direct buses from the airport to the old town of Qūfù, so you will need to transfer to a bus or taxi at the bus station in Jǐníng (济宁), about 50km away. Flying into the provincial capital Jǐnán is probably as convenient.