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Qīngdǎo , China
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Within this area Zhōngshān Park covers a vast 69 hectares, and with its lakes and trees it's almost Europeanlike. There's an amusement park, cherry blossoms, tulip gardens and walking paths. In springtime (late April to early May), the park features a cherry blossom festival and in summer (August) a lantern festival. Buses 26, 203, 214, 231 and 501 travel to the park.

Connected to the Zhōngshān Park, the mountainous area to the northeast is called Tàipíngshān Park (太平山公园; Tàipíngshān Gōngyuán), an area of walking paths, pavilions and the best spot in town for hiking. In the centre of the park is the TV Tower (Diànshì Tǎ), with panoramic views out to the bay. You can reach the tower via cable car . Also within the park is Qīngdǎo's largest temple, Zhànshān Temple . The entrance is marked with a large pavilion and a huge pagoda standing side-by-side. The temple is actually a huge sprawling complex of restored Ming-style structures. There are a number of dramatic sandalwood Buddhas covered in gold foil scattered throughout the place. Worshippers offer incense while monks scamper about on their business. When you get off the cable car at Zhànshān Temple, look for a round concrete dome on the right. This is the entrance to a former German bunker. The Germans used the bunker as a wine cellar, and today the tunnel leads you past some historical displays into, what else but a wine bar! Fantastic!