Temple of the Eight Immortals

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Temple of the Eight Immortals information

Xī'ān , China
Yongle Lu; 永乐路
Getting there
Metro: Chaoyangmen
Opening hours
7.30am-5.30pm Mar-Nov, 8am-5pm Dec-Feb
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Xī’ān’s largest Taoist temple dates to the Song dynasty and is still an active place of worship. Supposedly built on the site of an ancient wine shop, it was constructed to protect against subterranean divine thunder. Scenes from Taoist mythology are painted around the courtyard. Empress Cixi, the mother of the last emperor, stayed here in 1901 after fleeing Běijīng during the Boxer Rebellion. Bus 502 runs close by the temple (eastbound from Xi Xinjie).

The small antique market opposite is busiest on Sunday and Wednesday.