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Getting around by air

The airport is 27km east of the city. There are daily flights to Běijīng (¥1250), Chéngdū (¥990), Shànghǎi (¥1800), Yùshù (¥1500), Golmud (¥1350), Tīanjīn (¥950) and Xī’ān (¥650). There are now daily direct flights to Lhasa (¥1330).

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has a booking office on Bayi Lu near the Bayi Road bus station. Shuttle buses (¥21, 35 minutes) leave hourly from there, the main bus station and from outside the Qīnghǎi Bīnguǎn (青海宾馆), just west of town across the river (¥10 taxi ride from town).