Qīnghǎi Provincial Museum

Qīnghǎi Provincial Museum information

Xīníng , China
Xinning Sq, 58 Xiguan Dajie, 新宁广场西关大街58号
+86 611 1164
Getting there
Bus: 22, 41
Opening hours
9am-4.30pm Mon-Sat
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At the east end of Xīníng Square, the provincial museum looks like an ominous government building from afar, but once inside, three galleries offer a sophisticated presentation of local history and artifacts, ranging from 5000-year-old pottery recovered from excavations in Qīnghǎi to paintings and Tibetan carpets. You’ll be asked to show a passport and sign in before entering.

Inside the museum, bypass the displays of overpriced goods and head upstairs to the two main galleries. On the right, you’ll find one exhibit chock full of ancient artifacts – the abundant collection of ancient pottery pieces are particularly interesting. The left-hand gallery contains a collection of local cultural artifacts, including some examples of traditional Qīnghǎi costumes and utensils. The third exhibition showcasing Tibetan carpets is on the ground floor.

Buses go from Xīníng’s main drag, Dong Dajie. Alight at Xīnníng Guǎngchǎng Nán (新宁广场南).