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Introducing Tóngrén (Repkong)

For several centuries now, the villages outside the monastery town of Tóngrén (Repkong in Tibetan) have been famous for producing some of the Tibetan world’s best thangkas and painted statues, so much so that an entire school of Tibetan art is named after the town. Visiting the Wútún Sì monastery not only gives you a chance to meet the artists, but also to purchase a painting or two, fresh off the easel.

Tóngrén is set on the slopes of the wide and fertile Gu-chu river valley. The local populace is a mix of Tibetans and Tǔ. The valley and surrounding hills are easily explored on foot.

Everywhere is walking distance from the junction by Repkong Bridge (热贡桥; Règòng Qiáo). With your back to the bridge, take the first right to the bus station (50m), the second right to Tóngrén Holiday Hotel (500m), go straight for Zhongshan Lu and turn left for Rongwo Gonchen Gompa (750m).