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Flights to Yínchuān

The best price found from United States to Yínchuān is on January 21st, 2017, travelling with . See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Washington Ronald Reagan
from $448.00

Getting around by air

Yínchuān Hedong International Airport

Yínchuān Hedong International Airport (银川河东国际机场; Yínchuān Hédōng Guójì Jīchǎng) is located by the Yellow River, 24km southeast of the Drum Tower and Xìngqìng Qū. Flights connect Yínchuān with Běijīng (¥900), Chéngdū (¥1100), Guǎngzhōu (¥1150), Shànghǎi (¥900), Ürümqi (¥1080) and Xī’ān (¥380). Buy tickets at www.ctrip.com or www.elong.net.

Tranport Options

The airport is 25km from the Xìngqìng Qū (Old City) centre; buses (¥20, 30 minutes, hourly 6am to 6pm) arrive and leave from in front of the Civil Aviation Administration of China office on Changcheng Donglu, just south of Nanmen Sq. A taxi to/from the airport costs around ¥60.