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Getting there & away

Large hotels can book airline and train tickets. The travel offices at the Hépíng Bīnguǎn (2340 2066) and the Traders Hotel (2341 2288, ext 6457) are particularly helpful; the latter can usually rustle up an English-speaker to help.




The long-distance express bus station (qìchē kuàisù kèyùnzhàn; Huigong Jie) is south of Beizhan Lu, about a five-minute walk from the north train station. See the table on opposite for information.

As you come out of the south train station, cross Shengli Dajie and bear right onto Minzu Lu and you’ll be confronted with a line of buses – this is the departure point for the south long-distance bus station. The station itself is further south on Minzu Lu. There are regular departures to Ānshān (; Y25, 1½ hours), Běnxī (; Y19, one hour) and Huánrén (; Y54, six hours).


Shěnyáng’s major train stations are the north and the south stations. Many trains arrive at one station, stop briefly, then travel to the next. However, when departing this isn’t always the case, so confirm which station you need. If you’re planning to buy sleeper tickets, purchase your ongoing ticket as soon as possible.

The south station has services departing for Hāěrbīn (Y53 to Y76, five to seven hours), Chángchūn (Y28, four to six hours), Dāndōng (Y24, four hours), Běijīng (seat/sleeper Y110/215, eight to 10 hours) and Dàlián (Y55, four to five hours). Express trains from the north train station travel to Běijīng (seat/sleeper Y110/215, eight hours), Guǎngzhōu (seat/sleeper Y305/552, 30 hours) and Shànghǎi (seat/sleeper Y206/373, 27 hours).

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You can fly from Shěnyáng to a huge number of domestic destinations, including Běijīng (Y710, one hour and 10 minutes), Shànghǎi (Y1300, two hours) and Guǎngzhōu (Y2310, 3¾ hours).

China Southern Airlines and Korean Air (2334 1880; www.koreanair.com; 206 Nanjing Beijie) both have daily service to Seoul (Y2900, 1¾ hours). S7 Airlines (2480 8579; www.s7.ru; Yōnglún Dàjiǔdiàn, 58 Renao Lu) flies to Irkutsk, near Russia’s Lake Baikal, on Thursdays and Sundays from May through October (US$210 to US$270, three hours).

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