Southwest Coastline

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Dàlián , China
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Dàlián’s southwest coastline is the city’s most alluring natural destination. Dramatic headlands, deep bays and sandy beaches are the obvious attraction, but there are also parks, lighthouses and quaint villages, and the longest continuous boardwalk (reportedly at 20.9km) in the world joining them all.

Start your exploration either by taking the tram from downtown to Xīnghǎi Sq , or a bus to Fùjiāzhuāng Beach (傅家庄海滨; Fùjiāzhuāng Hǎitān). The square, which is sporting some heady architecture these days, is the site of Dàlián’s popular beer festival, and is a good place to people watch, fly a kite, or just stroll about. Nearby is a small beach and amusement park.

Fùjiāzhuāng is a popular beach set in a deep bay. Junks float just offshore, small broken islands dot the horizon, and loads of families come here for no other reason than to have fun. Bus 5 leaves from Jiefang Lu (¥1, 20 to 30 minutes) and drops you off across from the beach.

A very pleasant boardwalk joins Fùjiā-zhuāng and Xīnghǎi Sq. From the beach you can continue on this same walkway another 8km to Lǎohǔtān Ocean Park a family-friendly theme park with a Polar Aquarium . At Laohutan you can catch bus 30 (¥1) to Sanba or Zhongshan Square in central Dàlián.

But more spectacular coastline awaits along yet another stretch of the boardwalk. In a few kilometres you reach Fisherman’s Wharf (漁人码头; Yúrén Mǎtóu), which is actually a seaside community built in the style of an early-20th-century American east coast village. The village makes a great backdrop for photos, has a pleasant square to enjoy a coffee, and features rather oddly a perfect replica of the 1853 German Bremen Port Lighthouse , built with bricks from razed local villages.

The boardwalk continues east along the coast past Fisherman’s Wharf, but public transport is sparse so remember you will likely have to retrace your steps to Laohutan for a bus or taxi back to the city.