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Getting there & around

The main rail and road routes across Jílín province run north–south through Chángchūn, to Shěnyáng in Liáoníng province and Hāěrbīn in Hēilóngjiāng province. From Chángchūn, eastbound trains and buses go to the city of Jílín; you can reach Jílín city from Shěnyáng or Hāěrbīn as well.

Travel to the province’s eastern regions, particularly to the Chángbái Shān Nature Reserve, is more challenging. A regular train chugs east from Chángchūn and Jílín to Yánjí. From Yánjí, buses wind south through the hills toward the small town of Báihé, the main transport centre for Chángbái Shān’s northern entrance. Access to Chángbái Shān’s western entrance is from the town of Sōngjiānghé, on the train line that runs between Báihé, Tōnghuā and Shěnyáng.

You can reach Jí’ān via Tōnghuā to the north, Shěnyáng to the west or Dāndōng to the south. Between Jí’ān and Chángbái Shān, you can make connections in Tōnghuā.