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Getting there & away




Regular buses depart from opposite the train station concourse to Jiǔjiāng (Y30, hourly, two hours). Other daily departures from here include Guǎngzhōu (Y160), Nánjīng (Y180) and Shànghǎi (Y220, 6pm); buses to Xiàmén (Y230) leave every other day. From Nánchāng’s long-distance bus station (kèyùn zhōngxīn; Bayi Dadao), regular buses run to Jiǔjiāng (Y36, two hours), Lúshān (Y40, 1½ hours), Ānyì (Y17, 1½ hours, regular) and Jǐngdézhèn (Y72, four hours), with less frequent buses to Wǔhàn (Y110) and Héféi (Y135). There are also buses to Jǐnggāng Shān (Y65 to Y90, six to nine hours).


Nánchāng lies off the main GuǎngzhōuShànghǎi railway line, but many trains make the detour north via the city. Direct trains operate to Fúzhōu (Y100, 10 to 12 hours), Shànghǎi (Y182, 11½ hours) and Wǔhàn (Y65, 5 hours). Heading west to Chángshā in neighbouring Húnán almost always necessitates a stop in Zhūzhōu. Express trains run daily to Jiǔjiāng (Y22, 2½ hours) and Jǐngdézhèn (Y30, four hours), although the freeway makes it far quicker to do the trip by bus. Buy train tickets in advance at the Advance Rail Ticket Office (Tiělù Shòupiàochù; 160 3009; 393 Bayi Dadao; 8am-8pm) or at the ticket office next to the long-distance bus station.

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Air tickets can be purchased from the ticket office next to the long-distance bus station, from travel agents in the train station area or at China Eastern Airlines (622 1023, 628 2654; 87 Minde Lu).

Chāngběi airport is 28km north of the city, with flights to Běijīng (Y1310, two hours), Guǎngzhōu (Y730, 1¼ hours), Hong Kong (Y1490, four times weekly, 1½ hours), Shànghǎi (Y790, one hour) and Xī’ān (Y1010, 1¾ hours).

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