Correction to Beijing 9 City Guide

It’s come to our attention that there’s an error in the Beijing city guide. (We printed the map from page 291 on page 293.)

We’ve fixed the ebook and the digital chapters, but if you’ve bought a copy of the book already you can get a corrected copy of pages 292 and 293 here.


Chinese Visa Sticky

Until recently, it was relatively easy to get a Chinese visa. The situation has changed beginning about mid March and it is expected to remain unstable until well after the Olympics.
It is now impossible to get a 6 or 12 month multiple entry business visa.
It is now impossible to get entries longer than 30 days.
In many embassies and consulates it would appear impossible to get a double entry tourist visa.
It has been reported that beginning July, it may be difficult to impossible to get…


Beijing with my daughter


I am taking my six year old daughter to Beijing for 3 nights starting February 7th and I would really really appreciate some tips or advice on my itinerary which of course is subject to change!! We are staying at 'The Dragon King hostel' and the weather (I've been looking at the extended forecast) looks OK.

In no particular order I want to take her to;

The Great wall at Mutianyu
Summer palace
Chaoyang Theater (acrobatic show)

She is pretty good when travelling and doesn't mind walking…


Boarder crossing Khabarovsk(RUS) into China at Fuyuan(Heilongjiang)

Is this route by boat open only for locals or can tourists leave Russia and travel-on in China ?
Train K7066 is daily from Fuyuan to Harbin-East 14.20-> 06.35


Can I it should I fit Liliang I to itinerary ?

So the long distances are altering where we will visit I need to see and hike the Great Wall but it limits me from visiting the south . So Beijing a few days then bullet train to Pingyao for 2 nights with side trip to Mian Mountain then train to Xian for 2 nights with side trip to Longmen Grotto we then thought overnight train to Shaighai for a two days with side trips to Canal town
I really love the look of Lijiang and Li river area but seems impossible to combine during a two week trip…


Hong Kong Layover

I'm American with a layover in Hong Kong and I was wondering if I need a visa to leave the airport? Depending on the details of the required visa I was thinking of staying a few days before heading onto the Philippines, which is my final destination.


What is the longest visa validity?

I've searched the forums, but can't quite get an answer to my question.

The situation is I am travelling on an extended trip, starting in May and arriving in China end Oct/Nov this year (2015). This creates some visa issues, and as I can make out I think there are a couple of options:

(1) As I've heard that ideally I should apply in my home country, I would do this. However this would require I can get a visa that is valid for entry in 7+ months. Is this possible? (I am Australian in Austr


Dual Citizen - blank passport pages entering China from Hong Kong - Please Help!

I am a dual citizen with US and German passports. I'm planning a trip from the US to Thailand and China. On Feb 7th, I will fly to Thailand. Then on the morning of Feb 17th, I will fly to Hong Kong, cross the border into Shenzhen, and that evening fly onto Guilin. At the end of my trip on Feb 27th, I will have a 13-hour layover in Seoul, where I hope to venture out of the airport and enjoy the city.

I was so excited today, because my US passport just came back in the mail with a 10-year Chinese…


Minor Sights in Shanghai?

hi There,

I'm one of the contributors to a website called Minor Sights which covers relatively unknown sights around the world. So far we have only one article about China- ZhuJiaJiao near Shanghai.

I am taking a business trip to China next week and will have Saturday to explore and hopefully cover a sight. I'm looking for recommendations. given the purpose of the sight, the Bund or the Sun Yat Sen house will not do....

Anybody has any suggestions? I read something recently about one of the…


Traveling along east coast in march: how much time and weather ?

Hello everyone

I am traveling around SEA for some months and was thinking to spend the last month of my trip (march) in Indonesian.
For some reasons , I don't wanna do that anymore and was thinking of alternatives.

An option I thought of is to fly into quanzhou , and then traveling all the way up to bejing .
My two concerns are : is one month too little to cover this span ? I definitely don't wanna rush .
My second and most important concern : how's the weather gonna be like ?