Gè Garden

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Gè Garden information

Yángzhōu , China
10 Yanfu Donglu
admission Y45
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With its crooked pathways, dense bamboo groves and humpback bridges, this garden, east of the city centre, is typically southern-styled. Built in 1883, it was once the home of the painter Shi Tao and was later acquired by an affluent salt merchant. The traditional residences at the rear are well restored and offer a glimpse into Yangzhou's former affluence. Bus Y1 and Y2 pass the garden.

The entrance to the main south gate of Gè Garden sits on a particularly atmospheric old street. Dōngguān Jīe (东关街) is a restored strip of grey brick houses dating back to the Yuan dynasty. These days, it's packed with stores selling souvenirs, peanut candy and snacks. You can venture into the side alleys to get a glimpse of local life. The large city gate marking the start of the street used to be where traders would enter the city when they disembarked from the Yangzhou section of the Grand Canal.