Pán Gate Scenic Area

Pán Gate Scenic Area information

Sūzhōu , China
1 Dong Dajie; 东大街1号
Getting there
Bus: Y2
admission Pán Gate only/with Ruìguāng Pagoda ¥40/46
Opening hours
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This far quieter part of Sūzhōu is lovely, with a section of the city wall straddling the outer moat in the southwest corner of the city. You can find Sūzhōu’s only remaining original coiled gate, Pán Gate, dating from 1355; the overgrown double-walled water gate was used for controlling waterways, with defensive positions at the top. From the gate you can view the exquisite arched Wúmén Bridge (Wúmén Qiáo) to the east, the long moat and the crumbling Ruìguāng Pagoda , constructed in 1004.

The gate is also connected to 300m of the ancient city wall , which visitors can walk along, past old women who come here to harvest dandelions. The gate also backs onto a delightful scenic area, dotted with old halls, bell towers, bridges, pavilions and a lake as well as the small Wǔxiàng Temple (Wǔxiàng Cí). It's far less crowded than Sūzhōu's gardens and, in many ways, more attractive. To get here, take tourist bus Y2 or a taxi.