Jīmíng Temple

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Jīmíng Temple information

Nánjīng , China
admission ¥5
Opening hours
7.30am-5pm winter, to 5.30pm summer
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Close to the Ming walls and Xuánwǔ Lake (Xuánwǔ Hú) is the Buddhist Jīmíng Temple, which was first built in AD 527 during the Three Kingdoms period. It’s been rebuilt many times since, but has retained the same name (which literally translates as ‘rooster crowing’) since 1387. This temple is the most active temple in Nánjīng and is packed with worshippers during the Lunar New Year. The seven-storey-tall Yàoshīfó Pagoda (药师佛塔) offers views over Xuánwǔ Lake. Walk up to the rear of the temple and out onto the city wall (admission ¥15). Tufts of grass poke out from between the stones and you can embark on a lengthy and fabulous jaunt east along the overgrown ramparts. Buses Y1 and 304 can get you here.